The Herodion Store is a family owned and operated business, founded in 1977 by
Mr. Costandi Canavati.  Mr. Canavati established a culture based on honesty,
trust, and for providing our customers with the highest quality products from the
Holy Land.
The Herodion Store has enjoyed many years of success and has tended to
pilgrims from all over the world.  We receive so much joy from seeing the
Christian message being delivered around the world through the arts and crafts
of the Holy Land.  
The Herodion Store is recognized by The Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land.
About Us
The Herodion,  inspired by
the mount Herodion, perhaps
the most outstanding of all
Herod the greats building
achievements, looms
ominously like a volcano to
the east of Bethlehem.  

It was both a desert retreat
and part of a chain of
fortresses Herod erected or
rebuilt in the Judean
wilderness as protection for
himself and his kingdom.

Herodion is the only one of
Herod's many building
projects that bears his name.
Built to commemorate his
victory over the Hasmoneans
of Jerusalem in 20BC, Herod
used it as his administrative
center and, according to
Flavius Josephus, he was also
buried there after 4BC.
Mr Costandi Canavati
President, Owner.
We, at the Herodion Store, are proud to reach our customers through Herodion Online.  
The Herodion Store Located in  Bethlehem the City of David, the space of the
store is 7000,SF filed with lots of good religious items from Olive Wood and
Mother of Pearl, ceramic, candles, brass, jewelry gold and silver, inspirational  
gifts and much more.